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We are using a Dryvit system in Augusta, Ga. I have located attachment paterns with Winlock fasteners in your e-lit, however it only gives details for EPS up to 2". As you will see in the next paragraph, we are using thicker EPS with Hilti fasteners. Please provide a recommended pattern as such. The design wind speed at this building is 100 mph. The worst case wall component and cladding wind pressure (10 ft2 area) is 25 psf. The assembly is as follows: 18" cast in place concrete wall, Tremco 250 Water proofing cured (60mils - self sealing), Mechanically fasten EPS with Hilti X-IE Insulation Fastener 4” 6-100 PH 52 No. 376475. Complete the Dryvit (hole patch, base cait, finish, etc.) per manufature's recommendations.
What are the limitations for usage of EIFS in high wind load areas?
Do I have to use special fasteners to mount decorative items(non EPS shapes)on the outside of a Dryvit wall?
attaching materials to EIFS walls 
Is mechanical attachment of EIFS recommended to resist high wind loads?
When using mechanical fasteners, how many fasteners are needed per piece of EPS?
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