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I need to repair a wall that is coated with a Dryvit finish. Do I need to put a bonding agent on the existing Dryvit finish prior to applying another coat of Dryvit finish?
What materials can I use to recoat my Outsulation System?
Hello , I have a customer that has woodpeckers making many holes in her home. even though we have repaired those areas the woodpeckers just keep coming back and making more holes in the dryvit. She is asking if there is a skim coat or product that can be used to make the dryvit more bird proof. All I could think of is some sort of masonry application over the dryvit but I dont't know how all that would work out, I know I definately dont't want to put a warranty on it. Any help you have on this would be greatly appreciated.
I was wondering what I need to repair some holes in the side of our building and also spots where it has worn down to the reinforcing mesh. Your input will be greatly apperciated.
Repairing EIFS 
How do I repair Dryvit on my house?
What is the significance of hairline cracks? Should they be repaired and if so, how?
The finish on top of our window sills is flaking off, how can this be repaired and should the window ledges have been slopped?
Repair of finish 
I’m very handy. Can I do small repairs myself?
Whom do I contact if I need repairs?
What documentation must be submitted to obtain the Platinum Warranty from Dryvit Systems?
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