Dryvit FAQ's

Do Dryvit's systems have a fire rating? Can they be used as part of a rated wall assembly?

Dryvit's systems alone do not have a fire rating. Testing has been performed to confirm that the fire resistance of an already rated wall assembly is maintained and is not reduced by the addition of a Dryvit system.

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Can a "V" groove reveal be considered a control joint?

A "V" groove reveal cannot be considered a control joint since a true joint is a "built-in" break in the system where cracking is anticipated.

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Do Dryvit buildings leak?

An outstanding building results when the requirements for a good design, materials and workmanship are met. Dryvit contributes to these requirements by testing its product to satisfy a variety of field conditions.

The Dryvit Outsulation System has been tested for water infiltration. No water entry was visible through the panel joints (with sealant installed), nor the Dryvit System during the test. Post test inspections of the disassembled panels confirmed that no water entry had occurred in the joint area nor through the Dryvit system.

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What are the limitations for usage of Dryvit in high wind load areas?

Independent testing has been performed to determine the ultimate strength of Dryvit's adhesives to various substrates. The average tensile bond strength was determined to be approximately 20 psi which converts to 2880 psf. It should be clearly evident that adhesively applied, Outsulation provides bond strength well in excess of what is needed for virtually any projects. The design variables to achieve higher wind load resistance occur within the substrate system and are the responsibility of the project designer.

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What is the maximum thickness allowed for foam shapes to achieve architectural treatments such as accent bands and cornices?

The national model building codes generally limit foam thickness to 4 inch maximum. However, precedence exists for using thicker expanded polystyrene foam insulation when acceptable to local authorities having jurisdiction.

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What are minimum slope requirements for Dryvit's Outsulation System?

Six (6) inches of rise in twelve (12) inches of horizontal projection. Additionally, the length of inclined surfaces shall not exceed twelve (12) inches.

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