Why The Penguin


Dryvit Penguin
Our company mascot is Maggie, the penguin. The symbolic meaning of penguins truly exhibit Dryvit's unique business philosophy and culture:
  • An indomitable spirit-  penguins take on the challenge of living in extreme conditions that most others could not survive. Our products outperform in all environments from the sub-zero temperatures of the north to the extreme heat of the south.
  • Importance of first impressions - with their black and white tuxedo-like appearance, penguins are undoubtedly the best-dressed     species. Similarly, our cladding systems wrap buildings in an array of colors and finishes that are second to none.  Not only are they beautiful to look at, our Outsulation systems are good for the environment and save time and money on both construction and operations.
  • Strength and Fortitude - penguins are known for their protection and care of their own as well as their endurance to live through adversity and persevere.  Dryvit has been in existence for more than 40+ years – persevering through good times and bad and protecting and safeguarding what’s most important – our shareholders, employees, customers, consumers and the communities we serve.
  •  Evolution - penguins have evolved and adapted to their environment - they see things in new ways or find new ways of doing things. We are constantly searching for innovative ways to compete and win in the markets we serve. Dryvit focuses on research and development. We continue to develop and improve our products to meet the demands of our industry and the environment.
  •  Renewal - penguins molt every year so everything old is new again. ReVyvit is our industry leading renovation solution set that allows any building to perform better in a less costly way, while looking better than it ever has before.
  • Partnership - penguins mate for life, so they show us that long-term solid partnerships can be achieved.  Dryvit maintains long-standing relationship with over 35+ partner organizations and more than 200 distributors.  In addition, our employees STAY - the majority enjoying tenure that spans decades.  
  • Teamwork - penguins encourage social connection, unity and working for the good of many.  The employees of Dryvit are part of a team that supports the manufacture and distribution of our products, providing support and service to our partners and demonstrating collaboration and cooperation for the benefit of our customers.  At Dryvit the focus is on the collective goals of our shareholders, employees, customers, consumers and communities creating trusting relationships and lasting connections.