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Dryvit Outsulation Systems
Continuous Insulation

Thermal bridging at the stud line and its inherent energy loss is the single largest challenge with traditional framed buildings. According to the Department of Energy, the solution is Continuous Insulation (CI). In fact, CI will be required on most new construction by October 18, 2013.  When CI is incorporated into the building wall, thermal bridging is eliminated, controlling energy flow, conserving energy and reducing operating costs. 

Continuous Insulation Dow Cool vs Warm

Continuous Insulation Brochure

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Outsulation Systems

The Original Continuous Insulation

View video to see how Outsulation by Dryvit is the easiest and most effective way to provide both continuous insulation AND durable, beautiful finishes.


continuous insulation tech bulletin

Outsulation = Continuous Insulation

Say goodbye to thermal bridging and hello to lower energy bills with Outsulation. Read a technical bulletin on continuous insulation here.