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Above: KHS&S Building, Tampa, FL
TAFS over Tilt-Up Construction

 High Performance Finish
  Exterior Wall Construction

There are many ways to build an exterior wall.  Wood or steel framing, with sheathing and cladding, is the primary method used in most residential and commercial construction in North America.  However, other systems and materials, both structural and non-structural, are gaining market share each year.  Many of these newer systems can accommodate a number of diverse exterior finish options.  Durable, attractive and affordable, Dryvit TAFS meet the needs of this growing market segment.

What are TAFS?

TAFS are excellent options for stucco, concrete masonry units, tilt up, ICF, and other compatible substrates that may be approved on a case by case basis by Dryvit's Engineering Department.  Using TAFS, the design professional or builder can specify a dirt-pickup resistant, durable, high-performance exterior finish that is compatible with many commonly used construction methods.

Design Options

Dryvit has a vast array of textured acrylic finishes.  Whether the desired look is brick, stucco, limestone, granite or combinations thereof...Dryvit offers a beautiful, durable, lightweight, and cost efficient option.  All TAFS are available in custom colors, and can be combined with decorative EPS shapes to add a third dimension to an otherwise flat, drab wall.  Think of Dryvit TAFS as the perfect way to finish the wall.


  Custom Brick™ Lymestone™ TerraNeo® Tuscan Glaze™  


Sandpebble® Stone Mist® Reflectit™  









Option 1 Option 2
  Option 1 consists of Dryvit tinted primer and textured acrylic finish, and is used primarily over rigid, highly impact-resistant walls, such as concrete or stucco.  Other surfaces may be approved by Dryvit's Engineering Department. For
superior results, tinted
primer is necessary to
minimize the migration of
efflorescence from the
cement in the wall assembly
itself, through the textured
acrylic finish coat.  At the
same time, the primer
enhances adhesion of the
finish as well as the aesthetic
 uniformity of the
 finished wall




Option 2 consists of Dryvit base coat, fiberglass reinforcing mesh, tinted primer and finish.  This combination must always be used over substrates such as Insulated Concrete Forms and EPS shapes.  Option 2 provides an impact and crack resistant surface when used over EPS.  Option 2 is also commonly used to enhance the appearance
of uneven, pitted, or cracked
stucco walls.








  Note: The use of Dryvit TAFS Option 1 or 2 will not keep stucco from cracking, nor will it affect the performance of the underlying structural substrate.
Substrate Option 1 Option 2  
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) No Yes

TAFS have a 10-year limited materials warranty. For further information, contact Dryvit Systems, Inc.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) No Yes
Cement Plaster (Stucco) Yes Yes
Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) No Yes
Tilt-Up/Precast Concrete Yes Yes
Exterior Cement Board* No Yes
Unglazed Brick No Yes
*Per Dryvit's specification for use in Cement Board MD System, DS 191  
  Before you Begin,
Consider the finish.


    TAFS - applied by craftsmen to almost any wall surface!


Dryvit materials are sold nationwide through a network of authorized distributors who can provide additional information and samples.  TAFS are easily applied by professional contractors, using a variety of techniques, to achieve the final desired appearance. A job mock up using the wall type and products specified is always recommended. For more information and location of your nearest Dryvit Distributor call Dryvit Technical Services at 800.556.7752.



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