2024 Color Trends for Building Facades

2024 Color Trends for Building Facades

Every year, global authorities in the fashion, cosmetics, paint and design industries predict the future of color for the coming year. The 2024 picks are in and we must say, together they create a well-balanced and cohesive collection of warm earth tones that will no doubt inspire the next wave of interior and exterior artistry.

If you’re looking to add some color to your building façade, whether in bold strokes or subtle highlights, check out these emerging trends and their accompanying Dryvit architectural finishes.

Apricot Crush

Described as a “restorative, refreshing and energetic hue”, Apricot Crush is the color of the year for 2024 from WGSN and Coloro. A soft shade of orange that pairs well with greens, browns, and grays, this color can serve as a vibrant accent or an eye-catching full exterior. Dryvit can help you attain this aesthetic with our comparable (and similarly fruit-inspired) offerings of Candied Orange and Sweet Potato Pie. For a more neutral shade, consider Phoenix.

a collage of images showing a soft orange shade. Images include a canyon and a multistory residential building with Dryvit EIFS options in a soft orange


A green-tinged yellow, Azoic was set by the Color Marketing Group as the North America Color of the Year. With a luxurious gold quality, its combination of warm and cool tones makes it versatile for any mood you’re trying to convey. You can achieve this look in your cladding with Dryvit’s Limoncello, Primary Yellow or Cadmium.

a collage of images showing an energetic yellow color. Photos include a river delta and a modern affordable housing building with Dryvit exterior paneling in an inviting yellow


Paint company Dutch Boy announced Ironside as its 2024 Color of the Year. This deep gray with green undertones could be used to ground an entire façade, to accent lighter building materials or as a coordinated accompaniment to stone facades. Dryvit’s architectural coatings in Brushed Gray, Hurricane Gray and Flint evoke the same sophistication.

a collage of images showing a deep gray green. Images include iron ore and the top part of a strip mall commercial building façade in a deep gray green

Renew Blue

Valspar, another leader in the market, selected Renew Blue as their Color of the Year. This light blue-green shade channels calming beach vibes, but it could be used on a building exterior anywhere in the world to convey that airiness and serenity. Dryvit’s Pine Green, Catalina, and Traditional Blue are near perfect matches for this coastal color.

a collage of images showing a tranquil, airy light blue color. Images include an ocean and an EIFS Building façade in this blue color.

Cracked Pepper

Don’t be scared off by this dark Color the Year, Cracked Pepper, from Behr. This soft black pairs well with wood grain and metallics for a classic, upscale look. Dryvit’s Licorice and Anthracite Coal can be incorporated into your façade design to portray a similar high-end quality that accentuates architectural features and make the character of a building really pop. For an exterior texture, Vesuvius is a color within the Terraneo specialty finish that emulates the dark shades of ground black pepper.

a collage of images showing a soft dark black hue. Images include black pepper and exterior cladding in a specialty Terraneo finish in a soft black color.


HGTV Home by Sherwin William describes Persimmon, their 2024 Color of the Year, as an “earthy terracota infused with tangerine tones.” A cozy shade of orange with a hint of pink, its warmth reminds us of the understated elegance of fired clay. To add this comfort color to your structure, consider an exterior wall finish in Allspice or Fall Foliage from Dryvit. Metallic tones like ReflectIt in Hammered Copper also achieve this look with a more contemporary twist.

A collage of images showing a color reminisent of allspice and fired clay. Pictures include some clay pots and a commercial building with reflective metallic exterior finish in this orange color.

Peach Fuzz

The primary influencer on color for over 25 years, Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz. This surprising hue is a softer more natural tone compared to last year’s hot pink “Viva Magenta.” Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute, explains that this shade “effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless” which is a much sought-after goal of building design. To achieve this classic appeal in architecture, look to Dryvit’s Georgia Peach and Shrimp. Tuscan Glaze options of Morning Petal, Cool Mist, and Salmon incorporate several shades in this family for greater depth and simulate the look of old-world plaster.

a collage of images showing a soft pink hue. Images include desert sand and hotel/resort building clad in a light pink exterior wall finish.

Capture all the 2024 Colors of the Year in your building façade with long-lasting durability using Dryvit’s architectural finishes, available for direct-applied EIFS or as continuously insulated cladding panels.

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