Prefabricated, Continuous Insulation Panel Assemblies for New Construction and Exterior Renovations


Longer Construction Seasons

Stay on schedule and finish more jobs regardless of weather.

Reduce Project Costs

Reduce material and labor costs and improve production quality with in-shop fabrication.

Specialty Finishes

Choose from finishes that replicate brick, stone, granite, metal and more.

Our Panelized Solutions

A Lightweight Insulated Panel System: Fedderlite®

Fedderlite can be installed with retrofit or new construction over solid substrates. This panel utilizes a unique process for embedding reinforcing channels into the continuous insulation for ease of handling. Fedderlite panels can be adhered or mechanically fastened to approved substrates.

Reduced Installation Labor

Optional mechanical attachment allows for cold weather installation, eliminates adhesive mixing, and helps reduce in-field installation labor.

Efficient Installation Process

Unique, embedded reinforcing channels and mounting rail provide strength and easy installs.

Easy Handling

Ultra-lightweight construction for easier handling and on-site installation.

Custom Engineered Panels with a Proprietary Metal Deck: Metalite®

Metalite utilizing an Outsulation® system over a specially designed light gauge metal decking and proprietary metal pan. Metalite is ideally suited for pre-engineered metal buildings, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, as well as screen walls.

Custom Engineered Panels

Optional mechanical attachment allows for cold weather installation, eliminates adhesive mixing, and helps reduce in-field installation labor


Our Outsulation® system over a specially designed, light gauge metal frame and proprietary metal pan.

Minimal Scaffolding

Eliminate hard-to-scaffold construction complications of your project with limited or no scaffolding required.

A Panelized Outsulation system with an Air/Water-Resistive Barrier: Outsulite®

Outsulite panels are incredibly versatile and able to be configured into any shape panel. The studs, sheathing and building connections are engineered by the panel fabricator to properly conform with building code design load requirements. At approximately 8 pounds per square foot, Outsulite panels provide a lightweight alternative to conventional exterior wall systems.

Design Flexibility

A versatile panel system that provides the strength and ability to configure to any shape.

Perfect for Tight Job Sites

Panels can be shipped right to the job site for installation, and are ideal for tight job sites that don’t allow for much equipment and scaffolding.

Reduce Weather Delays

Building and assembling inside a factory allows your project to continue moving even during inclement weather.

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Ready to Use Panelization in Your Project?

Faster Construction Time

In-plant fabrication can reduce production time, and speed up field application of exterior cladding systems, to reduce construction schedules.

Cost-Effective for the Long Term

A broad range of products can fit most project budgets — but our energy-efficiency and maintenance solutions can also help you ensure cost-effective ownership and operation for the long term.

Labor Reduction

Prefabricated Dryvit panels can help address ongoing shortages in the skilled labor force — while simultaneously maximizing quality control.