Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 5 Details (DS828)

A Rain-screen, Fiberglass Reinforced Portland Cement Plaster With an Air/Water-Resistive Barrier, Flashing System, and Fiberglass Mesh Reinforced Leveling Coat

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Table of Contents

Detail Name PDF File
CCP-5 Cutaway CCP-5-1
Floor Line Joint with Flashing CCP-5-2
Opening Preparation Backstop ® NTX / Aquaflash ® System CCP-5-3
System Installation at Window CCP-5-4
Termination at Flanged Window - Sill/Jamb CCP-5-5
Termination at Flanged Window - Head/Jamb CCP-5-6
Termination at Storefront Window - Sill/Jamb CCP-5-7
Termination at Storefront Window - Head/Jamb CCP-5-8
Termination at Railing Attachment CCP-5-9
Termination at Dryer Vent CCP-5-10
Termination at Roof/Parapet CCP-5-11
Termination at Roof/Wall Intersection CCP-5-12
Termination at Parapet/Wall Intersection CCP-5-13
Termination at Deck CCP-5-14
Temrination at Soffit CCP-5-15
Cement Plaster Control Joints CCP-5-16

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