Metalite Panel System Details (DS112)

Prefabricated, Insulated, Metal Backed, Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels

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Table Of Contents:

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PDF File

Metalite Panel ML 0.0.01
Foundation Detail ML 0.0.02
Head/Sill/Jamb Detail ML 0.0.03
Parapet Detail ML 0.0.04
Wall/Roof Intersection ML 0.0.05
Roof Termination/Gravel Stop ML 0.0.06
Inside Corner ML 0.0.07
Outside Corner ML 0.0.08
Panel Joints ML 0.0.09
Fascia Panel ML 0.0.10
Screen Wall ML 0.0.11
Blind Panel Attachment Option ML 0.0.12
Fastening Pattern ML 0.0.13
Components ML 0.0.14

Dryvit Systems Inc., makes no representation regarding conformity of its suggestions to model building codes, engineering criteria, specific applications or project locations. All components indicated in illustrations, as well as others that may be required for the integrity of the system shall be designed, detailed and engineered by representatives of the architect, owner or contractor to be in conformance with model codes, architectural and engineering requirements pertaining to specific building projects.

Dryvit Systems, Inc. makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the architectural design, engineering, or workmanship of projects utilizing Dryvit Systems or products.

The liabilities of Dryvit Systems, Inc. shall be as stated in the Infinity limited commercial warranty. Contract Dryvit Systems, Inc. for a full and complete copy of the Metalite warranty.

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