Rapidry DM 35-50 Testimonials


A fast setting, polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced, cement-based, dry blend adhesive and base coat for use with Dryvit systems during cold weather when the temperature at the job site will be between 2° C (35 °F) and 10 °C (50 °F).

What Others are saying....

“If we did not have Rapidry DM 35-50, we would have had to make a tent using the scaffolding and heat the area around the chimneys or not do the job at all. If we did tent and heat, we would have had to keep a close eye on the weather. If it got too windy, we would have to take it down. It is very dangerous to have heaters up on a roof in windy conditions. Rapidry DM 35-50 allowed us to base 2 to 3 chimneys in one day and not worry about tenting and heating. It really came in handy last winter. It probably saved us $2,000 – $3,000 in lost time alone, not to mention putting food on the plasterers’ tables if they couldn’t work. Builders have deadlines and Rapidry really helps. We plan on using it every year from mid-November to mid-March!”

Mike Baker, Baker & Baker Plastering
Atlanta, IN

“We used Rapidry 35-50 on residential housing projects. It is a good product and works well for winter applications. Rapidry saves us a lot of days. Other products simply work too slowly at winter temperatures. On one house we used heaters to keep the temperature right around 40 degrees F and the Rapidry DM 35-50 dried very quickly. We could stick the foam and mesh and then do the finish the very next day, all at these low temperatures. We saved about two weeks on the project, which with a four-man crew, equaled about a $5000 savings. ”

Remus Turc, M-J Plaster
Indianapolis, IN

We used Rapidry 35-50 on a project in December and January when we were in adverse conditions with both cold and moisture. With Rapidry 35-50, we had at least 20% time savings over using other products (Primus® & Genesis®). And we saved tremendously on labor (3 days totaling $7,500). Rapidry is tough to beat because you can stick the foam and do a base coat all in the same day. When we use it on smaller jobs, like patching and repairing, it cuts a day off the project. It also works well in the winter because the base coat dries at different times in different areas of the project; an entire wall may seem cured, but in some of the corner areas, it may not be totally dry. Rapidry DM 35-50 helps us get rid these wet areas with its quick drying ability. Come wintertime, we will definitely use Rapidry 35-50 again.”

Wyatt Spriggs, Ryan Interiors Inc.
Stafford, VA

“This product really helps us out in the colder months. We can shut off the heaters at night after only 3 hours of drying.”

Ken Dart, Dart & Demeny Quality Plastering, Inc.
Green Bay, WI