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    • Outsulation®

      Outsulation® System

    • Outsulation® Plus MD

      Outsulation® Plus MD System

    • Outsulation® RMD

      Outsulation® RMD

    • Outsulation® HDCI™

      Outsulation HDCI system.... High Durability Continuous Insulation

    • Outsulation® LCMD 1-5

      Outsulation® LCMD Systems 1-5

    • Outsulation® MD

      Outsulation® MD System®

    • Outsulation® PE

      Outsulation® PE System™

    • Outsulation® X

      Outsulation® X System

    • Infinity®

      Infinity® System

    • Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 1

      Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 1

    • Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 2

      Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 2

    • Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 3

      Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 3

    • Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 4

      Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 4

    • Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 5

      Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 5

    • Cement Board MD™

      Cement Board MD™

    • TAFs®

      Textured Acrylic Finishes (TAFS™)

    • TAFS™ over ICF

      TAFS™ over ICF


    The original Outsulation® system - the system that has brought continuous insulation (ci) to the wall assembly since 1969 … more than 40 years before the energy codes required it!

    Outsulation® Plus MD

    A high-performance Outsulation® system with inherent moisture drainage that incorporates continuous insulation (ci) and an air/water-resistive barrier for optimal building envelope performance.

    Outsulation® RMD

    Peace of Mind Plus All The Dryvit Features You’ve Enjoyed For Over 40 Years. The Outsulation RMD System from Dryvit has been engineered specifically for residential construction. It incorporates a drainage plane that is installed between the code-approved water-resistive barrier and the continuous insulation.

    Outsulation® HDCI™

    Our most durable Outsulation® system yet. Impact resistance is backed by a 20-year performance warranty! And it comes standard with our innovative AquaFlash® Flashing system and Backstop® NT air- and water-resistive barrier to better protect the building substrate.

    Outsulation® LCMD 1-5

    The Outsulation LCMD Systems 1-5 is designed to be used in all areas of the country and in all types of climates. The system provides continuous insulation to meet local Energy Codes and architectural appeal that has made Dryvit the number one choice in North America.

    Outsulation® MD

    The Outsulation® MD system® features engineered moisture drainage that provides Continuous Insulation (ci) and an air- and water-resistive barrier to enhance building envelope performance.

    Outsulation® PE

    The Outsulation® PE system™ is a second pressure equalizzed rainnscreen system option, incorporating a air- and water-resistive barrier to protect the substrate and improve interior comfort and thermal performance.

    Outsulation® X

    The Outsulation® X™ system amps up Outsulation's already industry-leading insulating qualities by featuring DOW™ XNERGY™ rigid insulation as an integral component of the system, providing performance gains in both energy efficiency and impact resistance over the standard Outsulation® system.


    The Infinity® system is Dryvit's fully pressure equalized rainscreen system engineered to prevent water infiltration.

    Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 1

    A basic stucco assembly over concrete or CMU, applied directly over approved water-resistive barrier and metal lath with a Dryvit finish.

    Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 2

    CCP 2 is a traditional stucco assembly over wood or steel frame construction with a Dryvit approved sheathing and a Dryvit polymer finish. A code approved water resistive barrier and lath are required.

    Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 3

    CCP 3 enhances either CCP 1 or CCP 2 configurations with the addition of Backstop NT and AquaFlash over the substrate and rough openings prior to the application of paper backed lath.

    Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 4

    CCP 4 enchances CCP1, 2 or 3 systems by adding a fiberlass reinforcing mesh and a Genesis® leveling coat to the surface of the stucco to improve impact resistance and performance.

    Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 5

    CCP 5 is a "strapped" stucco system intended for use where a cavity backed, rainscreen design is specified.

    Cement Board MD™

    Cement Board MD Finish System consists of an acrylic-modified base coat with reinforcing mesh embedded and finish applied over an approved exterior cement board.


    Textured Acrylic Finishes (TAFS™) are excellent exterior finish options for stucco, concrete masonry units, tilt up, ICF, and other compatible substrates that may be approved on a case by case basis by Dryvit's Engineering Department. TAFS™ include dirt-pickup resistant, durable, high-performance exterior finishes that are compatible with many commonly used construction methods.

    TAFS™ over ICF

    Dryvit's Textured Finishes (TAFS™) over Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) marry two of the most energy efficient cladding systems on the planet into one super-energy efficient system - with exterior finish options to suit any design need.


    The Fedderlite panel assembly utilizes a unique process for embedding reinforcing channels into the CI.


    The Metalite panel assembly utilizes a specially designed light gauge metal frame and proprietary metal pan.


    The Outsulite System™ is a high performance Outsulation system over steel studs in a prefabricated panel assembly and delivered to the job site for erection on the wall.

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    Air/Water/Vapor Barriers & Flashing
    Coatings & Stains
    Continuous Insulation Options
    Elastomeric Finishes & Coatings
    Metallic Coating
    Reinforcing Meshes
    Stone, Masonry and Quartz Finishes
    Textured Finishes
    • ADEPS®
    • AP Adhesive
    • Dryflex®
    • EPS Adhesive for Stucco
    • Genesis®
    • Genesis® DM
    • Genesis® DMS
    • NCB™
    • Primus®
    • Primus® DM
    • Rapidry DM™ 35-50
    • Rapidry DM™ 50-75
    • RapidPatch™
    • ShieldIt™
    • AquaFlash®
    • Backstop® DMS
    • Backstop® Flash and Fill
    • Backstop® NT-VB
    • Backstop® NT™ Texture, Smooth & Spray
    • Dryvit Flashing Tape™ and Conditioner
    • Dryvit Grid Tape™
    • Demandit® Advantage
    • Demandit® Sanded
    • Demandit® Smooth
    • HDP™ Water-Repellent Coating
    • PMR™ - Proven Mildew Resistance
    • StratoTone™ High Performance Colorants
    • Tuscan Glaze™
    • Weathercoat™
    • AC-100™
    • Color Prime™
    • Color Prime-W™
    • Drainage Mat™
    • Dryvit MD® Spacer™
    • Dryvit Systems Accessories
    • Primer with Sand™
    • Prymit®
    • SealClear™
    • Weatherprime®
    • DPR Finishes
    • E™ Finishes
    • Ferros®
    • HDP™ Finishes
    • StucCoat™ Finishes
    • PMR™ - Proven Mildew Resistance

    Noncementitious Adhesives for EPS.

    AP Adhesive

    One-Part, Urethane-Based Adhesive


    An Acrylic Co-Polymer, Water-Resistant Base Coat and Adhesive

    EPS Adhesive for Stucco

    A factory blended mixture of dry polymers and Portland cement


    Acrylic-Modified, Fiber-Reinforced Adhesive, Base and Leveling Coat

    Genesis® DM

    Dry Mix, Polymer-Modified, Cementitious, Fiber-Reinforced Adhesive and Base Coat

    Genesis® DMS

    Sprayable, Dry Mix, Polymer-Modified, Cementitious Fiber-Reinforced Adhesive and Base Coat


    A Tintable, Noncementitious Base Coat for Embedding Reinforcing Mesh and Providing a Grout Coat for Custom Brick™ Finishes


    Acrylic-Modified Adhesive and Base Coat

    Primus® DM

    Dry Mix, Polymer-Modified, Cementitious Adhesive and Base Coat

    Rapidry DM™ 35-50

    Fast Setting, Cement-Based, Dry-Blend Adhesive and Base Coat

    Rapidry DM™ 50-75

    Fast Setting, Cement-Based, Dry-Blend Adhesive and Base Coat


    Fast Setting, Non-Sagging, Patching Material


    A 2-Pass Base Coat Which Improves Impact Resistance and Provides Protection from Woodpecker Damage for EIFS Substrates


    A Liquid-Applied Transition Membrane for Sealing Rough Openings at Windows, Doors and Other Wall Penetrations

    Backstop® DMS

    Sprayable, Single Step Water-Resistive Membrane/Air Barrier and Adhesive

    Backstop® Flash and Fill

    A Liquid Applied Flashing Membrane and Joint Filler

    Backstop® NT-VB

    A Liquid Applied, Water-Resistive Membrane, Air Barrier and Class I Vapor Retarder

    Backstop® NT™ Texture, Smooth & Spray

    A High Performance, Polymer-Based, Noncementitious Water-Resistive Membrane and Air Barrier

    Dryvit Flashing Tape™ and Conditioner

    Dryvit Flashing Tape is a tough, self-adhering, self-healing construction grade tape used to seal rough openings in walls utilizing a Dryvit system by bridging the joints between sheathing and other underlying framing or foundation components.

    Dryvit Grid Tape™

    Dryvit Grid Tape is a tough, self-adhering, self-healing construction grade tape used to seal rough openings in walls utilizing a Dryvit system by bridging the joints between sheathing and other underlying framing or foundation components.

    Demandit® Advantage

    Exterior/Interior, Stain Resistant, High Performance, Acrylic Architectural Coating

    Demandit® Sanded

    Demandit Sanded is a 100% acrylic coating, which is offered in a variety of standard and custom colors.

    Demandit® Smooth

    Demandit Smooth is a 100% acrylic coating, which is offered in a variety of standard and custom colors.

    HDP™ Water-Repellent Coating

    Exterior Acrylic Coating with Hydrophobic Properties

    PMR™ - Proven Mildew Resistance

    Proven Mildew Resistant Finishes and Coatings for Demanding Building Environments

    StratoTone™ High Performance Colorants

    Fade resistance is backed by a 5-year warranty – regardless of color!

    Tuscan Glaze™

    100% Acrylic Custom Antique Stain


    High Performance Acrylic Weatherproofing Coatings

    EPS Insulation Board

    Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Board is affixed to the substrate and creates a layer of continuous insulation.

    XNERGY™ XPS Continuous Insulation

    DOW™ XNERGY™ rigid insulation is key to the system’s excellent energy efficiency, durability and moisture resistance.


    Flexible, Elastomeric Exterior Finishes

    Weatherlastic® Smooth

    Flexible, Waterproof Elastomeric Exterior Coating


    100% Acrylic Coating Providing a Pearlescent Appearance


    Ready-To-Use Smoothing Material for Dryvit Base Coat


    NewBrick is a lightweight insulated brick product that is coated with a specially formulated finish.


    An Acrylic Admixture for Portland Cement Mixes

    Color Prime™

    Pigmented Acrylic Primer For Dryvit Finishes

    Color Prime-W™

    Water-based, acrylic, semi-transparent primer

    Drainage Mat™

    A Flexible Mat 1/8 in (3.2 mm) Thick for Use With the Outsulation® LCMD Systems 1-5 or the Outsulation® RMD System

    Dryvit MD® Spacer™

    A Polyethylene Spacer for Use with the Cement Board MD System®

    Dryvit Systems Accessories

    Dryvit Vent Assembly™, Starter Strip™, Track, Vent Track™, Drainage Track and Drainage Strip™

    Primer with Sand™

    Acrylic-Based Primer with Sand


    Primer/Adhesion Promoter


    Sealing new applications of EIFS to provide increased resistance to dirt pickup.


    Color-Tinted Acrylic Primer For Weatherlastic Finishes

    Dryvit Reinforcing Meshes

    Glass Fiber Mesh For Reinforcing Dryvit Base Coats


    100% Acrylic-Based Finish with Multi-Colored Quartz Aggregates

    Custom Brick™

    Templated Finish Resulting in a Brick Appearance


    A Smooth 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Finish


    100% Acrylic-Based Finish with the Appearance of Limestone Blocks

    Stone Mist®

    Exterior and Interior Quartz Aggregate Finish


    100% Acrylic-Based Finish with Large Mica Chips and Multi-Colored Quartz Aggregates

    Tibur Stone™

    A 100% Acrylic-Based Finish with the Appearance of Travertine Stone

    DPR Finishes

    "Original" Aggregate Textured 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Finishes. Quarzputz®, Sandblast®, Freestyle®, Sandpebble®, and Sandpebble® Fine.

    E™ Finishes

    Patented, Aggregate Textured 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Lightweight Finishes. Quarzputz® E, Sandpebble® E and Sandpebble® Fine E


    Modern and elegant water-based specialty finish that duplicates the well-known effect of rusting metal or steel with distinct oxidation features.

    HDP™ Finishes

    Textured 100% Acrylic Finishes With Hydrophobic Properties. Quarzputz® HDP, Sandblast® HDP, Sandpebble® HDP, Sandpebble® Fine HDP, and Lymestone™ HDP.

    StucCoat™ Finishes

    StucCoat is an integrally -colored, acrylic copolymer finish specifically designed to provide texture and color over Portland cement plaster, cast-in-place, pre-cast and concrete masonry units. It is not intended for use with an Outsulation system.

    PMR™ - Proven Mildew Resistance

    Proven Mildew Resistant Finishes and Coatings for Demanding Building Environments. Dryvit PMR finishes are available in eight textures: Quarzputz®, Quarzputz® E, Sandblast®, Freestyle®, Sandpebble®, Sandpebble® E, Sandpebble® Fine and Sandpebble® Fine E. Two smooth specialty coatings, Demandit® and Weathercoat™ are also available.


Our Solutions

ReVyvit™ by Dryvit 

ReVyvit Logo

There are tens of thousands of existing buildings in need of more than just exterior repairs and a face lift; many lack sufficient insulation and cost more to heat and cool than a building with an Outsulation® system. That's why we offer ReVyvit by Dryvit: our industry leading renovation solution set. No matter the building type or the level of renovation required, we have a solution to make your building not only perform better and in a less costly way, but look better than it ever has before. 

Click on the Solution numbers below to learn more about our offerings.
ReVyvit™ Solution 1
South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church

White Bear Lake, MN

ReVyvit™ Solution 2
Office Building

West Warwick, RI

ReVyvit™ Solution 6
Carbondale City Hall

Carbondale, IL


Dryvit has been at the center of the exterior cladding renovation business since 1969.  Why?  Because our ReVyvit by Dryvit renovation program offers a range of renovation solutions: from simply re-coating the existing exterior all the way to a complete over-clad with an Outsulation® system.  Whether your building is EIFS or not, we have the perfect renovation solution for you!


Hampton Inn Gets Complete Facelift

The exterior clay brick and stucco cladding of this 20-Year old hotel faced significant issues.  The entire exterior, down to the studs, was removed and replaced – while the hotel stayed open.  It is a great example of how Dryvit’s ReVyvit Program saved an existing building.

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Luxury Car Dealership Gets More Than A Facelift

A 100-year old brick building painted a distinctive yellow had long been a sort of odd landmark in the Illinois capital city of Springfield. Located just two short blocks from the looming state capital and surrounded by brick buildings in almost every direction, the luxury Isringhausen BMW car dealership was confronted with a unique design challenge when it decided to renovate.

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Renovation/Restoration Video

Dryvit Outsulation can improve aesthetics, increase property value, meet building code requirements and maximize your building's energy efficiency with an attractive return on investment.  Outsulation is ideal for both renovation and new construction and offers a wide range of durable finishes to create almost any look you desire.  Whether your property is commercial or residential, Dryvit Outsulation provides benefits for you.

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Revolutionizing Protection of The Building Substrate

Traditional papers and wraps create obvious paths for moisture to reach-and compromise- the substrate. Our seamless, liquid applied air and water-resistive barriers stop moisture in its tracks, keeping your substrate protected. Whether you are applying it under an Outsulation® system or a non-EIFS wall assembly, we've got your building substrate covered!

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Backstop NT Texture

Trowel Apply

Backstop NT Smooth

Roller Apply

Backstop NT+AquaFlash

Sealing Buildings Tight

Backstop NT Spray

Spray Apply

Backstop NT

Applied Over Brick

AquaFlash Flashing System

Used to protect openings

Re-Imagining the Protection of Building Substrates

The best way to understand how our seamless, liquid-applied air and water-resistive barrier products work is to see how it is applied to the wall. The videos below speak for themselves.

Dryvit's AquaFlash/ Backstop NT First Line of Defense for Fort Bragg Barracks

The United States Army Corps of Engineers is the most stringent organization in the U.S. when it comes to upholding air-tightness standards in building design and construction. 

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Meeting a Compressed Construction Timeline

From concept to completion, the construction of Liberty Center was no easy feat. At 1.2 million square feet, the mixed-use megaplex was designed by architect KA, Inc. to appear as if it were a series of distinct buildings with different facades – similar to how a city block might develop over time.

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AquaFlash/Backstop NT Video

Backtop NT Smooth and Texture: A High Performance, Noncementitious Water-Resistive Membrane and Air Barrier
AquaFlash: A water-resistant flashing system consisting of a liquid adhesive and a polyester tape for use at wall openings

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Control Schedules and Quality with Exterior Prefabricated Panels

Prefabricating your exterior wall systems offer many advantages over traditional field-applied installation, including:

  • Compress the Construction Schedule
  • Extend the Construction Season
  • Improve Quality Assurance
  • Reduce the Amount of Scaffolding
  • Reduce Jobsite Congestion and Risk

Using Dryvit’s Tech21 prefabricated panel program offers:

  • Lightweight, energy-efficient prefabricated walls
  • Three distinct panel system for various job conditions
  • Technical support, including panel configurations
  • Large Partner Fabricator Network

Click on the red boxes below to learn more about our panel systems.

Tech 21 Logo

Videos Modular Building Is More Efficient 

Mystic Lake Casino Prefabrication Video  

Fedderlite Panel Installation

Metalite Panel Installation

Outsulite Panel Installation

Consistent Quality Through In-Plant Fabrication

Here are some examples of how the use of Tech-21 panels can help provide a host of advantages over traditional field applied Outsulation® systems.

Le Méridien Columbus, The Joseph: Panelized Cladding for a Tight Construction Site

The 13-story Le Méridien Columbus, The Joseph boutique hotel was designed by architect Arquitectonica with modern architectural features including conventional stucco on its 10 topmost floors and a brick veneer accented with metal panels.

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Build a Luxurious High-Rise Building in the Dead of a Minnesota Winter

The Melrose Apartment building was constructed in the dead of winter in harsh Minnesota weather.  Prefabricating the exterior panels for this project was the only way to complete the project within the time allotted.

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Panel fabricator, Rob Little, and panel installer, Robert Sutton, speak about the benefits of Panelization in construction today.  They touch upon the benefits to not only the fabricator trade, but also the architect and building owner.

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Designs Limited Only By The Imagination

The extraordinary design flexibility of the Dryvit Outsulation® system is what distinguishes it from all other exterior cladding choices. You want your building to be brick? Check. Granite? Check. Metal panel? Got that too. And in just about any color under the rainbow. Finally, by easily adding decorative shapes the architect can recreate classic architecture at a cost far more affordable than with traditional building materials. Or even create the next design standard!


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TerraNeo Finish

Cincinnati, OH

TerraNeo Finish

Stevensville, MD

Custom Brick and TerraNeo

Stamford, CT

Sandpebble Finish


EPS Foam Shapes

Minneapolis, MN

EPS Foam Shapes

Atlanta, GA

Finishes and Shapes: The Designer's Best Friend

The following case studies illustrate how finishes and shapes from Dryvit play an integral role in increasing curb appeal and building value. And with our incredible range of colors available, we can provide an exterior appearance to suit any aesthetic or corporate brand standard.

Hotel Gets The Look Of Brick And Exceeds Energy Code Requirements

Developer Raj Patel had long wanted to put up a hotel near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for the obvious reason: “It is the busiest airport in the world.” In 2014, Patel’s company, Rossmore Management Group, achieved that goal, opening the doors in September to the 122-room Homewood Suites by Hilton Atlanta Airport North in the city of East Point north of the big airport.

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Owner Saves Money and Time, While Maintaining Original Design

A 5,000 sq. ft. Dryvit Outsulation® wall assembly accentuated by approximately 900 square feet of panels coated with Reflectit™ – an acrylic coating that looks like aluminum panels – proved to be just the right touch for the façade of a TGI Fridays restaurant recently constructed in Fairview Heights, IL, a suburb of St. Louis.

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St Louis Curb Appeal

Design flexibility is critical to architects and specifiers.  Dryvit’s many textures and colors offer design freedom at a price the building owner can afford.  Listen to these building professionals talk about how Dryvit’s Reflectit coating enabled them to get the look of metal panels  with all of the benefits of an Outsulation system.

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NewBrick Logo

Click on the Page below to access our NewBrick website

New Microsite - NewBrick®

Introducing NewBrick®

Simply put, NewBrick is the biggest innovation in brick. Ever. Now you can get the look of brick you want without all of the weight, hassle and cost associated with old, heavy traditional clay brick. Here are all the ways NewBrick is just a better way to build with brick!

Lightweight is better!

• At only 2.45 lbs./sq. ft./ before mortar, resulting in higher daily productivity

• Safer to work with-especially on multi-story construction projects

• Easy to cut and very little dust

• Compresses the exterior construction schedules

• More brick per truck lowers transportation costs

• Eliminates ties, pans, shelf angles, and weight bearing footers


• Quick and Easy Installation

• When installed over NewBrick® CI, the system includes air, water and vapor barrier, continuous insulation (CI), resistive drainage plane, and a cladding system that comes with a complete, single source system warranty

• Single manufacturer installed by a single contractor simplifies job site responsibilities and reduces coordination between trades

• Can be installed direct to nearly any solid substrate or a NewBrick CI  system

• Easy to repair if damaged

• Simple yet versatile, allowing for decorative patterns and bonds

• NewBrick's horizontal alignment guide makes installation process easier
and faster

Energy Efficient!

• Thermal insulation built right into NewBrick, helps to reduce energy bills!

• When used in combination with NewBrick CI system can contribute to LEED credits
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott

Dayton, OH

Lipscomb University

Nashville, TN

Owen's Community College

Toledo, OH

River's Edge Dental

Apple Valley, MN

Big Y

Shelton, CT

Mixed Use - San Mateo

San Mateo, CA




See how NewBrick® is the ideal solution for the future of brick construction


Speed Up Construction While Maintaining Design Flexibility With Podium Design and Outsulation Systems

Podium design utilizes multiple stories of wood framing over a concrete deck, making it popular for Type IIIB construction. Why are Dryvit’s Outsulation systems ideal for podium design?

• Compliant with ASTM E 119 for load bearing wood framed wall assemblies
• Compliant with the requirements of NFPA 285 when installed over a wall constructed with wood studs
• Proven to compress the construction schedule when compared to other claddings
• Integrated air/water-resistive barrier
• Integrated continuous insulation
• Vast array of exterior aesthetics, including brick, stone, metal panels, stucco, and more
• Complete system warranty
• Contributes significantly toward helping your project meet its LEED targets

Click here to learn how the owner saved $4 million dollars on LC Germantown

            Newport, KY Project 218x160

               View Brochure

       Aqua Levee 218x160

Click Here for More Information

Aqua on the Levee Under Construction

Newport, KY

Aqua on the Levee Completed

Newport, KY

Aqua on the Levee

Newport, KY

The Crescent Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ

The Crescent Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ

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