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Adhesives/Base Coats Options

  • ADEPS®

    Noncementitious Adhesives for EPS.

  • Dryflex®

    An Acrylic Co-Polymer, Water-Resistant Base Coat and Adhesive

  • EPS Adhesive for Stucco

    A factory blended mixture of dry polymers and Portland cement

  • Genesis®

    Acrylic-Modified, Fiber-Reinforced Adhesive, Base and Leveling Coat

  • Genesis® DM

    Dry Mix, Polymer-Modified, Cementitious, Fiber-Reinforced Adhesive and Base Coat

  • Genesis® DMS

    Sprayable, Dry Mix, Polymer-Modified, Cementitious Fiber-Reinforced Adhesive and Base Coat

  • NCB™

    A Tintable, Noncementitious Base Coat for Embedding Reinforcing Mesh and Providing a Grout Coat for Custom Brick™ Finishes

  • Primus®

    Acrylic-Modified Adhesive and Base Coat

  • Primus® DM

    Dry Mix, Polymer-Modified, Cementitious Adhesive and Base Coat

  • Rapidry DM™ 35-50

    Fast Setting, Cement-Based, Dry-Blend Adhesive and Base Coat

  • Rapidry DM™ 50-75

    Fast Setting, Cement-Based, Dry-Blend Adhesive and Base Coat

  • RapidPatch™

    Fast Setting, Non-Sagging, Patching Material

  • ShieldIt™

    A 2-Pass Base Coat Which Improves Impact Resistance and Provides Protection from Woodpecker Damage for EIFS Substrates

Air/Water/Vapor Barriers & Flashing Options

Coatings & Stains Options

Continuous Insulation Options

Elastomeric Finishes & Coatings Options

Metallic Coating Options

  • Reflectit™

    100% Acrylic Coating Providing a Pearlescent Appearance

  • SkimIt™

    Ready-To-Use Smoothing Material for Dryvit Base Coat

Primers/Sealers/ Accessories Options

Reinforcing Mesh Options

Stone, Masonry and Quartz Finishes Options

  • Ameristone™

    100% Acrylic-Based Finish with Multi-Colored Quartz Aggregates

  • Custom Brick™

    Templated Finish Resulting in a Brick Appearance

  • Finesse™

    A Smooth 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Finish

  • Lymestone™

    100% Acrylic-Based Finish with the Appearance of Limestone Blocks

  • Stone Mist®

    Exterior and Interior Quartz Aggregate Finish

  • TerraNeo®

    100% Acrylic-Based Finish with Large Mica Chips and Multi-Colored Quartz Aggregates

  • Tibur Stone™

    A 100% Acrylic-Based Finish with the Appearance of Travertine Stone

Textured Finishes Options

  • NewBrick®

    NewBrick® offers the industry a way to build more cost and energy efficient traditional looking buildings from the ground up in a faster and simpler way.

  • DPR Finishes

    "Original" Aggregate Textured 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Finishes. Quarzputz®, Sandblast®, Freestyle®, Sandpebble®, and Sandpebble® Fine.

  • E™ Finishes

    Patented, Aggregate Textured 100% Acrylic-Based Dirt Pickup Resistance Lightweight Finishes. Quarzputz® E, Sandpebble® E and Sandpebble® Fine E

  • Ferros®

    Modern and elegant water-based specialty finish that duplicates the well-known effect of rusting metal or steel with distinct oxidation features.

  • HDP™ Finishes

    Textured 100% Acrylic Finishes With Hydrophobic Properties. Quarzputz® HDP, Sandblast® HDP, Sandpebble® HDP, Sandpebble® Fine HDP, and Lymestone™ HDP.

  • StucCoat™ Finishes

    StucCoat is an integrally -colored, acrylic copolymer finish specifically designed to provide texture and color over Portland cement plaster, cast-in-place, pre-cast and concrete masonry units. It is not intended for use with an Outsulation system.

  • PMR™ - Proven Mildew Resistance

    Proven Mildew Resistant Finishes and Coatings for Demanding Building Environments. Dryvit PMR finishes are available in eight textures: Quarzputz®, Quarzputz® E, Sandblast®, Freestyle®, Sandpebble®, Sandpebble® E, Sandpebble® Fine and Sandpebble® Fine E. Two smooth specialty coatings, Demandit® and Weathercoat™ are also available.

  • Woodgrain Finishes

    The look and feel of wood, the performance of Dryvit™