ReVyvit™ Solution 1

What it is

ReVyvit Solution 1 simply employs our technologically advanced coatings to renovate existing exterior surfaces. Choose from:

  • Demandit® Smooth & Sanded - a high-performance acrylic coating; it is ideal for changing the color of a building or sections of a building.
  • Demandit Advantage™ - a high-resin acrylic coating that is easy to clean and has excellent scrub-resistant properties. It is ideal for recoating a textured finish.
  • Weatherlastic® Smooth - an elastomeric coating that bridges hairline cracks; ideal for recoating stucco or masonry walls.
  • HDP™ - a hydrophobic coating that repels water and cleans the surface when it rains. It is ideal for use in climates that get a regular amount of rain fall and have a high pollution level.
When to use it

ReVyvit Solution 1 is ideal for applications where the exterior surface is in good shape and recoating is sufficient — for example, when the goal is to restore, recolor, or update an existing finish. It’s great for filling and covering cracks, chips, and other cosmetic blemishes. It’s also a cost-efficient way to modernize a structure’s outdated appearance or rebrand with updated corporate colors. 

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Solution 1 South Shore Trinity SmClick for larger image.

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