ReVyvit™ Solution 2


What it is

ReVyvit Solution 2 features the application of our direct finish system. There are two options for this solution:

  • Use our Genesis® base coat with a finish over solid substrates like concrete or stucco.
  • Use our Genesis® base coat with a Dryvit Reinforcing Mesh and a finish over substrates like insulated concrete forms and EPS shapes

You can choose from a wide variety of finishes to achieve the look of brick, stone, metal panels, stucco and more. 

When to use it

Choose ReVyvit Solution 2 when an existing exterior requires a new finish. The leveling coat (with or without mesh) preps the surface for the application of your choice of acrylic, elastomeric, or hydrophobic finish. ReVyvit™ Solution 2 enhances the appearance of uneven, pitted, or cracked walls.

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