A Tintable, Noncementitious Base Coat for Embedding Reinforcing Mesh and Providing a Grout Coat for Dryvit Custom Brick™ Finishes

NCB is a fully formulated water-based acrylic product. It is a highly flexible and crack-resistant base and grout coat that is tintable to a wide variety of colors.

•NCB is used as a base coat to embed reinforcing mesh in a Dryvit system.
•NCB is used as the grout coat for the Custom Brick Finish System.
•NCB is used as the base coat for re-skimming existing lamina during repair and remediation.

  • Ready to use right from pail
  • Wet polymer modified
  • Free of solvents
  • Vapor permeable
  • Highly flexible
  • No mixing/no cement equals less labor
  • Excellent durability, adhesion
  • Complies with VOC requirements
  • Does not allow moisture buildup
  • Better crack resistance