Outsulation® PD

Outsulation® PD System

Outsulation PD offers the most comprehensive, easy-to-install drainage system available today for commercial use. It provides three lines of defense against water intrusion. The first is Dryvit's time-tested combination of reinforced base coat and finish. The second is our geometrically defined expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation board, AquaDuct and vent assembly. The third is an air and water resistive barrier in combination with Dryvit's waterproof AquaFlash System to protect wall openings (such as windows). A compatible sealant must be used at all system terminations.

Outsulation PD System Highlights

The drainage channels present in Outsulation PD will evacuate "incidental" water that, for a variety of reasons, may find its way behind the insulation. Water Resistive Barriers (WRBs) prevent this moisture from coming into contact with the substrate, as it drains. All Dryvit WRBs are classified in Canada as a Type III air barrier, but offer a range of vapour permeability from highly permeable Backstop NT, to the highly restrictive Backstop NT-VB (vapour barrier), allowing the designer to balance exterior wall system properties with the building's mechanical and interior climate controls. All WRBs are specially formulated, flexible, polymer-based, coatings providing an air and moisture barrier function. Dryvit's WRBs are an essential element of the Outsulation PD System. Details regarding the performance of Dryvit's barriers are available upon request from Dryvit.

  • Features a special PD partnership with Dryvit's top tier applicators
  • Incorporates a liquid-applied, air and water resistive barrier (optional vapour barrier)
  • Includes proprietary geometrically defined insulation board with 10mm cavity to enhance drainage.
  • Features engineered moisture drainage including AquaDuct™ vent track and vent assembly facilitate drainage at the base of the wall and horizontal interfaces.