Backstop® NTX Texture and Smooth

A High Performance, Polymer-Based, Noncementitious Water-Resistive Membrane and Air Barrier

Backstop NTX is a flexible, polymer based, noncementitious, air/water resistive barrier, which resists water penetration, eliminates air infiltration, and is vapor permeable. It is classified as a Class III vapor retarder over vertical, above grade walls. Backstop NT is available in two versions:
•Backstop NTX-Texture is applied using a trowel, roller, or texture spray equipment.
•Backstop NTX-Smooth is applied by roller or texture spray equipment.

Backstop-NTX Texture and Smooth are designed for use with Dryvit Systems as well as other building cladding systems. When used with the Dryvit AquaFlash® System, Backstop NTX provides exceptional air barrier and water-resistive membrane for most substrates.

  • Includes a reinforcing fabric at sheathing joints
  • Bonds to most construction materials
  • Fluid applied/Fast drying
  • Can be exposed for 180 days
  • Ensures a continuous film barrier across transitions
  • No need for multiple products
  • Easy to use
  • Not subject to tear off or damage from wind