Demandit® Sanded

Exterior/Interior Acrylic PMR Architectural Coatings

The right choice for changing color of an existing Dryvit finish. Demandit, used on a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces, is a 100% acrylic coating, which is offered in a variety of standard colors and custom colors. Demandit contains the most effective ingredients available to help resist mold and mildew growth (PMR).

Demandit is a durable coating, which may be used to protect and decorate masonry, stucco, wood, primed metal and acrylic-based textured finishes. Demandit may be used to provide accent stripes or to change the color of Dryvit finishes.

  • 100% acrylic
  • DPR / PMR chemistry
  • Vapor permeable
  • Multiple deliveries
  • Cleans with water
  • Extends the life of re-coated surfaces
  • Resistant to dirt and the growth of mold and mildew
  • Will not trap moisture vapor
  • May be brushed, troweled or sprayed
  • Less time and labor for clean up