Acrylic-Modified, Fiber-Reinforced Adhesive, Base and Leveling Coat

Genesis is a fiber-reinforced, 100% acrylic-modified product, which is mixed in a 1 to 1 ratio by weight with Portland cement to produce the Genesis mixture. It provides a high-build, exceptionally easy to trowel adhesive, base and leveling coat.

The Genesis mixture is used to adhere insulation board to an acceptable substrate and to embed Dryvit reinforcing mesh as part of the base coat for Dryvit’s systems. It shall be used as the base coat for mechanically fastened Dryvit systems. It may also be used as a high-build, crack-resistant, cementitious leveling coat to skim rough masonry and to fill small voids in cementitious substrates.

  • Wet polymer modified
  • Smooth consistency
  • Versatility
  • Vapor permeable
  • Fiber reinforced
  • Excellent durability, adhesion
  • Trowels easily thus more production
  • Used as adhesive, base + leveling coat
  • Does not allow moisture buildup
  • Provides flexural strength, reducing shrinkage cracks