Fedderlite® M

Prefabricated Exterior Wall Insulation and Finish System for Use over Solid Substrates

Fedderlite® M is a lightweight panel system ideal for new construction or retrofitting over solid substrates. Mechanically fastened to a smooth, solid substrate, Fedderlite M panels allow for cold weather installation, bypassing adhesive mixing and reducing in-field installation labor. The unique process of embedding reinforcing channels into the continuous insulation allows for easier handling of the panels and provides an integrated mounting rail for attachment to the wall. The ultra-lightweight (approximately 2.5 lb/ft²) construction of these panels facilitates on-site installation.

Components that Make Up a Fedderlite M System

Fedderlite M systems typically consist of the following components.

Fedderlite® M System Features

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Ultra-Lightweight Construction

Weighing approximately 2.5 lb/ft², the lightweight construction of the panels facilitates easier handling and on-site installation, saving time and reducing labor costs.

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Unique Embedding Process

This process embeds reinforcing channels into the continuous insulation, providing a means for handling and an integrated mounting rail for mechanical attachment to the wall.

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Mechanical Attachment

This feature allows for installation in cold weather conditions, bypasses the need for adhesive mixing, and reduces in-field installation labor.

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Compatibility with Solid Substrates

The panels must be attached to a smooth, solid substrate, ensuring a streamlined installation and robust attachment.