Fedderlite® MP

Prefabricated Panelization System Installed over a Proprietary Light-Gauge Metal Pan

Fedderlite® MP is a prefabricated panel system that uses a Dryvit Outsulation® system over a specially designed, proprietary light-gauge metal pan. It's ideal for pre-engineered metal buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, mechanical screens, and retrofit construction applications. The system, which weighs approximately 4.5 lb/ft², is mechanically fastened and features a proprietary, industry-unique system. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for screen walls and irregular surfaces. The combination of a light-gauge metal frame and proprietary metal pan enhances the system's functionality and efficiency.

Components that Make Up a Fedderlite MP System

Fedderlite MP systems typically consist of the following components.

Fedderlite MP System Features

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Prefabricated Panel System

This feature, utilizing a Dryvit Outsulation system, allows for quicker and more efficient installation.

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Light-Gauge Metal Pan

A proprietary design that enhances the system's durability and performance.

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Expanded Polystyrene

Used in the decking of the Fedderlite MP, it provides insulation and energy efficiency.

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Mechanical Fastening

This ensures a secure installation and is suitable for use across various substrates.