Prefabricated Exterior Wall Insulation and Finish System for Use over Solid Substrates

Fedderlite® is a lightweight panel system suitable for new builds or retrofits. Fedderlite panels can either be adhered or mechanically fastened to approved substrates, offering flexibility based on project requirements. They require a smooth, solid substrate for optimal installation. The unique construction of Fedderlite panels embeds reinforcing channels in continuous insulation, facilitating handling and mechanical wall attachment. They are ultra-lightweight (around 2.5 lb/ft²), easy to handle and install on-site. Fedderlite® panels combine efficiency, adaptability and durability, making them an excellent choice for various construction projects.

Components that Make Up a Fedderlite System

Fedderlite systems typically consist of the following components.

Fedderlite System Features

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Embedded Reinforcing Channels

These channels provide a means for handling and mechanical attachment to the wall. They enhance the strength of the panels and facilitate easier handling during installation.

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Lightweight Panels

The panels are ultra-lightweight (approximately 2.5 lb/ft²), making them easy to handle and install on-site. This feature reduces labor costs and installation time, contributing to the overall efficiency of construction projects.

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Continuous Insulation

The continuous insulation within the panels offers enhanced thermal performance, keeping buildings warm in winter and cool in summer. It also contributes to energy savings over the long term.

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Flexibility in Attachment

The panels can be adhered or mechanically fastened to approved substrates. This versatility allows for customization based on the specific requirements of a project.