Outsulation® Plus MD System

A state-of-the-art exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) that marries energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and long-lasting durability

Step into the future of construction with Dryvit Outsulation® Plus MD, the top-of-the-line exterior insulation and finish system. This system provides a mesh-reinforced base coat, drainage track, high-performance exterior insulation, waterproof flashing, moisture drainage system, and a superior liquid-applied air/water-resistive barrier for maximum moisture drainage. With an industry-leading warranty and endless color, texture, and specialty finish choices, Outsulation® Plus MD is the perfect choice for your next project.



Outsulation systems typically consist of the following components determined by code and performance requirements.

Outsulation® Plus MD System® Highlights

Liquid-Applied Air- and Water-Resistive Barrier

Outsulation® Plus MD includes a liquid-applied, air- and water-resistive barrier. This barrier provides maximum protection against air and water damage, enhancing the durability of your building and reducing maintenance costs by forming a seamless layer over the substrate to shield against adverse weather.

Effective Moisture Drainage with Vertical Adhesive Beads

Moisture management is made easy with Outsulation® Plus MD. The system incorporates vertical adhesive beads that pair with the barrier to facilitate efficient moisture drainage and prevent the build-up of water within the wall assembly. This unique feature promotes the building structure's longevity and maintains the insulation system's integrity.

Incorporation of Corrugated Strip or Track at the Base of the Wall

Outsulation® Plus MD also maximizes moisture management by incorporating a corrugated drainage strip or track at the base of the wall. This design element aids in the redirection of water away from the building, further enhancing the system's resistance to moisture damage.

Passive Drainage for Enhanced Protection

The system also features passive drainage - a mechanism that allows for the natural movement of water away from the wall assembly. This feature, combined with the vertical adhesive beads and the corrugated strip or track, ensures that your building stays dry, safe, and structurally sound.



Clinton Community College Renovation Case Study

The George Moore Academic and Administrative Building, formerly known as Hotel Champlain, is the largest structure at Clinton Community College. This historic building has been around since 1890. The building has been transformed to preserve its original charm while improving its energy efficiency. The project aimed to achieve a remarkable 30%-50% reduction in energy usage through the implementation of Dryvit continuous insulation, along with new high-performance windows and doors.